Teacher Tips For Parents to Help YOUR Student Succeed

1.) Get them to school ON TIME EVERY DAY!!

Absences and tardies affect student success.

2.) Make sure your son/daughter does his/her homework EVERY NIGHT.

        Homework should be done during the SAME 90 minute period every night.

3.) CHECK your son’s/daughter’s homework.

        It is not enough to TELL them to do it. You must CHECK the work they’ve done.

4.) Ask to see their planner.

        Make sure they are writing down their daily assignments/homework.

5.) REWARD positive results with appropriate privileges and “fun” activities.

        Check and reward short term and long term goals achieved.

6.) TAKE AWAY PRIVILEGES when appropriate progress has not been made.

        Cell phones, i-pods, allowance, and other privileges should be directly tied to their success in the classroom.

7.) ENCOURAGE THEM. Show them you care with your time.

        Let them know that you care and believe in them. SAY IT and SHOW IT.

8.) Do not let them go out with friends until their work is done.

        Too many of our kids are “hanging out” with friends when they should be completing their school work.

9.) Get your son/daughter home and in bed at a reasonable hour.

        Tired and distracted teenagers do not make good students.

10.) Reinforce the fact that their academic success, their future is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

        Teachers are not “out to get” students. Teachers can only provide opportunities. It is up to the student to seize those opportunities to be successful.

11.) Do not accept excuses for failure. Recognize obstacles and take steps to overcome them.

        Work as a team with your child, his/her mentor, and teachers.

12.) Do not hesitate to call/email/contact if you have a question or concern.

        Ms. Montalvo’s phone number (619) 667-6533.

Ms. Montalvo’s email kmontalvo@guhsd.net                             ***Si hablo español